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Security Pro 24/7 is Hiring Off Duty Police Officers



Sky Zone in Plainfield has chosen Security Pro 24/7 to hire off duty police officers to foster relationships with students visiting the facility, and to assist in maintaining the peace on Saturday nights from 8pm to 12am.  The site has not had any previous issues but wanted to be proactive. 


 You would be “hired” by Security Pro 24/7, and would receive pay via direct deposit.  As an employee, you would not have to account for a 10-99 at the end of the year, and would be covered under our liability insurance. 


Any officer that wishes to work for this detail would remain on our employee list and be contacted for any future work of this type in your area. 


The pay rate for this work is $40 dollars an hour.  If you are interested, please email me directly for further instructions.  

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